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A homo sapien and his canine took a stroll on the street A mobile metal monster they happened to meet Bloody guts   It’s been said by the son of a son of a son That one rots and bloats in the noon day sun Not so for the other, he’s got a schedule to […]

Memory Molestation

Like a minnow in the moss Memories in my mind did toss And you Rude awakenings caused by some unconscious contemplation Once more comes sleep in reluctant hesitation Then you *********************************************************** *********************************************************** https://bardofthewoods.com https://thisdonald.com

Stan And Me

By Don Kenton Henry   I ner’ been to Europe er met the president But I’ve sat on a warm wooden bridge and tossed pebbles at a crawdad I ner’ owned no car, but I’ve felt the summer sand between my toes as I walked down our lane to fetch the mail Ner’ had no […]


By Don Kenton Henry Yours was the first voice I heard Each breath you took you shared with me, My heart beat but for you You kept your place each time I stumbled, though everything inside you begged, “Pick him up!” But you were there when I took my first steps You counseled me through […]

Only One Version

By Don Kenton Henry   There is only one version and you can’t buy it off the shelf If can be redeeming; It can be utterly cruel It shines bright when brought into the light Or it can haunt you in the dark of the night It’s the currency of the wise and the counterfeit […]

Ghost Ship

By Don Kenton Henry   A man has to have worked very hard at being this alone I am asked if this was always my plan I reply, you mean to inhabit a one person home To be an island unto myself , a solitary man It took years to lose the people, friends, pets, […]


A Flash Fiction By Don Kenton Henry   SHE She does not come in a can off a shelf. Her gown has that “slightly worn” look but is not in tatters. She is comfortable with her femininity and not threatened by my masculinity. She is the summation of her mental, physical and spiritual self. She […]


By Don Kenton Henry   The Lady’s served her children well She’s known joy and she’s known hell She’s lost more than just one son and daughter too She’s been through tragedy and triumph Ever watchful and reliant And she does it all for me and you   A shining beacon across the seas leading those […]


By Don Kenton Henry   You were a beauty rare I was a man with dearth of words A paucity of poetry I claimed I cursed my thoughts should go unheard You, lover of song and mirth ― how could you have cared For I without a worthy tribute   O what I’d given to […]

Like Frost On A Window

By Don Kenton Henry Your heart is a stone Cold as one in a hearth whose fire has gone out Long since Your eyes have become as dark and frosted as the window in which I sit In a home as empty as your conscience   Echoed laughter from these walls I try to forget […]