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By Don Kenton Henry   Often I reflect on a memory I count among the better And feel the fullness of her breasts beneath that cotton sweater I feel the tenderness of her lips The warmth of her breath upon my chest   All this then some to come under dim gymnasium lights I recall […]


By Don Kenton Henry   “Ok, Junior. Take the usual seat here on the porch and let’s parlez about the latest Sabbatical you are about to take.” That’s how it always began with Uncle Waldo . . . him telling me to take a seat. Always direct (most times painfully so) but on this occasion, he […]

Story Time With Bard Of The Woods, Recitation #2

Good evening. This is recitation #2 of Story Time With The Bard Of The Woods. You may find most of my work here at the Bardofthewoods.com and―if you don’t follow me already―I hope you will. Tonight I am going to catch you up by reciting the last 3 poems I have written, starting with the […]


By Don Kenton Henry   There is a great black cloud which fills the void between the prairie to the sky It blocks the sun and breathes and, as it does, exhales a wind from the soot and sulfur filled lungs of the dark side It rolls onward and before it comes a pale horseman […]

The Sound Of A Heart Breaking

By Don Kenton Henry What sound does a heart make when it breaks Is it as quiet as the breath that now you cannot take Or . . . as the goodbye you never heard   Is it the sound of the fluttering broken wing of a bird as it struggles in vain to fly […]


May the sorrows of your mother, sevenfold on you, her bastard son, be bestowed   Raped by a rabid dog on a moonlit night Upon discovering reality with the morning light . . . Your mother lived―the poor dog died of fright *********************************************** *********************************************** https://bardofthewoods.com


A homo sapien and his canine took a stroll on the street A mobile metal monster they happened to meet Bloody guts   It’s been said by the son of a son of a son That one rots and bloats in the noon day sun Not so for the other, he’s got a schedule to […]

Memory Molestation

Like a minnow in the moss Memories in my mind did toss And you Rude awakenings caused by some unconscious contemplation Once more comes sleep in reluctant hesitation Then you *********************************************************** *********************************************************** https://bardofthewoods.com https://thisdonald.com

Stan And Me

By Don Kenton Henry   I ner’ been to Europe er met the president But I’ve sat on a warm wooden bridge and tossed pebbles at a crawdad I ner’ owned no car, but I’ve felt the summer sand between my toes as I walked down our lane to fetch the mail Ner’ had no […]


By Don Kenton Henry Yours was the first voice I heard Each breath you took you shared with me, My heart beat but for you You kept your place each time I stumbled, though everything inside you begged, “Pick him up!” But you were there when I took my first steps You counseled me through […]