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Second Kiss

(A “Flash” From Venus Wore Red Ball Jets)

By Don Kenton Henry

I felt the fullness of her breasts beneath her dress. I felt the tenderness of her lips; the warmth of her breath and the sweet taste of her mouth as she kissed me once more. It was the second kiss of my life.

I do not know at what point it ended. I do not know what transpired in between. Wars were being fought around the world―men were in space―babies were born―old people died―nd the world kept spinning at 1,000 miles per hour. But I was locked in a moment on that hardwood floor in the paw of our mascot.

Somewhere, deep, deep in my genetic material, herds of ancient wildebeest thundered across the Serengeti; the saber-tooth gave chase; wooly mammoths trumpeted―and some prehistoric relative of mine raised his club to the sky.

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