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Flash Fiction

By Don Kenton Henry

For my purposes, Flash Fiction must contain all the elements of a short story: setting, plot, conflict, character, point of view and theme. While these are the same elements of a short story, with Flash Fiction – the challenge is to do it all in ninety-nine words or less. The length can vary according to the challenger (self or otherwise) but I am going to extend mine to a maximum of three hundred words. You might call the longer ones Flash Fiction Unplugged! Most will be shorter.

The larger objective is to actually take the reader through all the elements and still make it worth the read – short as it may be. Most of my Flash Fictions are a product of contests in my weekly writer’s club. I like these contests because some accuse me of being a little verbose and I enjoy being forced to limit my words while still trying to compete well. This means in order to accomplish the larger objective – every word must count. Every word must convey the maximum meaning and effect. Every word must roll off your tongue (or pen) like a crown jewel.

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