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Come And Take It


by Don Kenton Henry

Attention friends, I don’t wanna catch you sleepin’
I be just one, but together we’re the people
I’m here to prove that we ain’t the sheeple
Yeah – that’s right – I’m a’ talkin’ to you

We be the people they ain’t gonna screw
It’s the Second Amendment I be preachin’ to you
That’s the right to bear arms, if you never cracked a book
It’s in the Constitution, you should give it a look
And it protects the First Amendment – the right to write the words
To write the lines – that are about to be heard
They ensure the right to stand before you, and speak my mind
And you can’t arrest me, you can’t call it a crime

The Founding Fathers – gave more than me and you – ratified these words – said nothing else would do
The right of the people to keep and bear arms – shall not be infringed – so you will do it no harm
That’s what the word means – “you will not take away, you will not erode, you will not otherwise decay”
Do you need an online dictionary to know what this means
Keep your hands off is the message, to which you may not be too keen
It’s the right of the people, and why is that the case
For the security of a free state, the Founders say
And it’s not just a statement; it’s a declaration
You can look it up, it’s the Law of this Nation
It didn’t come without a fight, it’s the Bill of Rights –
No minor addition. It’s been ratified, it’s been codified
Not just by the Fed but the fifty free states
It’s not up for debate
Now that’s the 10th Amendment that I’m talking about –
These powers are reserved to the States, one by one – or to the people – so I give it a shout

And I’m just one voter; I’m just one son
Of the Fathers who gave me the right to keep my gun
They say, “We don’t want your squirrel rifle, we don’t want your shot gun
The Founding Fathers never had semi-automatic weapons, so why should you
The Fathers had muskets and knives
No high capacity clips – so why should you”
Well you’re missing the point or you’re taking a dive
Which makes you blind . . . because you will not see
Neither did the Red Coats or their pompous King
And they didn’t have rocket launchers or civilian killing drones
Which our President has it his disposal with a threatening tone
Do away with due process, he can just to take you out
Ask his bro Eric Holder what I’m talking about
He lets a Jihadist shoot our men and women at nearby Fort Hood
And calls it “workplace violence” – now is that understood
Look south to the border for more of his agenda
A law enforcer – hell, he’s just a pretender
He gives guns to criminals to let them kill us
Get the simple minded pissed, and calling for reform
Fast and Furious is the prime example of tyranny become the norm
Your own government conspiring to play you for a fool
Ask the family of Bryan Terry, they will tell you it’s true
You say you don’t like the smell of government giving guns to cartels
Don’t ask Eric Holder to explain it to you, he’s stone wallin’ for the man – tellin’ you ta go ta hell

Don’t ask the Prez to tell you where he was when Benghazi went down
Four Americans dead, “What difference does it make why” – says Hillary the Clown
We must be losing our senses – no transparency to be found
And the death rattle of freedom dying is the only sound
An excuse to take away the Amendment and the right it conveys
Throw it under the bus, and take a freedom away
We don’t need protection from squirrels or birds
Tyranny is the threat that must be averted
It cannot be overstated
And your government’s the one that could be the perpetrator

A standing army’s necessary for freedom to survive
And this all depends on keeping the Amendments alive
Don’t take it from me, take it from Presidents who risked all for what they gave us
First they’ll take our guns if they want to enslave us
Just ask Geronimo, or Japanese Americans during World War II
Look over your shoulder they may be coming for you

So we’ll keep our right to speak, keep our guns, state’s rights and our vote they try to steal
These are absolutes we will not allow to be repealed
And we’ll keep our clips and our rounds – and guns that fire with each pull of the trigger
Because no matter what we have, they’ll always have bigger – so make them know they’ll pay
And they’ll always want more of what’s yours, and they’ll always chip away
And Mr. and Mrs. Libotard will let them have their way
Till there comes a day when they won’t let you pray – and not just in a school
And you’ll be the one to look about and see you were the fool

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