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Big Medicine

(From “A Phobia of Walls” – motorcycle diary.)

by Don Kenton Henry

I caught up on my sleep after staying out late last night to watch the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight at an Indy sports bar. I was waiting for the weather to clear so I could ride my Harley which I just brought up from Texas. By two p.m. I had given up on this happening but, undeterred, put on my leathers and headed out with ominous clouds threatening overhead. I was certain I was in for a cold soaker but determined to get some Indiana roadway under my tires. I headed south to Columbus and turned west on 46 with Nashville, Indiana as my destination. Just past Gnaw Bone, a bird – it looked like a blue jay – dove into the front of my bike. I felt it hit but did not see it fall to the side and when I checked in my mirrors did not see it on the road. I thought to myself, I’d just fish it off my engine or frame when I stopped. I rode most of the remaining fifteen miles or so to Nashville and slowed down a little as I crested the last big hill before town. To my astonishment, at the peak of the hill, the bird flew out from under my handle bars and disappeared behind me. I caught a flash of him in my mirror as he appeared to tip his wing at me and made for the forest. I guess he was just hitchin’ a ride. I took this as “big medicine”. With that, I looked up and the sun came out. It stayed out as I had lunch, strolled through the shops, bought some buttered popcorn jelly bellies, got back on my bike and headed home by way of Bean Blossom and Trafalgar. It was a good day for me and an even better day for the bird.

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