By Don Kenton Henry

Hope is not a thing that begins as I slip from my bed and my feet touch the ground. Neither is it found on my stoop as I exit my front door.

Down my path, a winding one at that, I course . . . sometimes stumbling, sometimes falling in the face of some new challenge each day so unselfishly offers.

Seems no matter my destination, my writing always leads me through the desert to the brink of a cliff.

Hope is not something I pull from the depths of the valley below. It is a glider, dear reader, I ride to the green and verdant valley below.

There, I catch a canoe down a blue river to a new sunrise.

Hope has delivered me another chapter. Another day.

2 comments on “Hope

  1. A great beginning to a new story!

  2. Faith

    It has been described as a leap into the unknown without hesitation or fear we insist. Without faith, hope would cease to exist.

    A twist of fate has provided a glimpse into the abyss, into the vast & unexplored cosmic race.

    Change is inevitable. An evolution of spirit is as palpable as the crisp winter air stinging my face.

    There is no recourse – no reprieve from the destiny which is mine alone. Integrity and virtue I do not fear.

    My choices have guided my rocky and sometimes treacherous path, yet I persevere.

    Faith has led me here……..to join hope.

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