Plowboy Manifesto Live

By Don Kenton Henry 23 May 2023 Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of this country. They feed America and much of the world. The family farm is the heart of American agriculture but in these days of corporations and foreign interests buying our land and squeezing families out, the last thing the farmer and […]


By Don Kenton Henry 8 May 2023 It was 1977 and I drove my 1973 Volkswagen camper van down Highway 1, from Seattle, along the coastline through Oregon. I refused to get on the straight and easily navigated Highway 101, just to the east, because the views over the cliffs and the Pacific Ocean below […]

Lines And Signs And You

By Don Kenton Henry 19 June 1977 I have known only lines and signs the four months I’ve roamed This land is my backyard, and the road is my home My future lies on the map, on the seat And one malfunctioning radio’s The only company I keep As it rains Though each passing car […]

The Face and Hominization of Artificial Intelligence

Self-Portrait of AI By Don Kenton Henry, author, editor 25 April 2023 The more I study, test, and observe Artificial Intelligence (AI), the more fascinated I am. I find it simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. I feel the first because I am overcome with the feeling of its limitless potential to bring information and creativity to […]

What Is Trump Derangement Syndrome

Op-Ed by thisdonald and his alter ego, The Bard Of The Woods; authors, editors 24 April 2024 Note: As part of an exclusive chat group consisting of fellow Patriots, with whom we share a hometown, high school, and (in some cases) college education, a particular member, Dr. Thomas Guthrie, proposed we collaborate with him. The […]

The Bard vs Artificial Intelligence

By Don Kenton Henry *PHOTOS ARE OF “THE BARD”, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AKA “BART”, AND IMPARTIAL JUDGE Every child has their heroes. For many, it’s a sports figure. In that context, mine was Jim Thorpe, “Indian Athlete”. Today, you couldn’t even call him that. I’m certain, if alive, Jim would say, “Piss off. I can handle […]


“Buck Wild” Gets His Mojo Back Montage By Don Kenton Henry Donald Kenton Henry Wanderlust. It is a condition most suffer from on occasion. For others, it is a thirst never quenched. I find myself among the latter. From time to time, I assuage that smoldering urge (on the verge of bursting flame) with the […]

The Loom of Life and Raveled Love

by Don Kenton Henry The Loom of Life and Raveled Love by Don Kenton Henry Born into one small seam in the fabric of time and space With no control over entry and little over exit We are either weavers or woven into lives of hapless random chaos . . . or somewhat chosen orchestrated […]


By Don Kenton Henry Hope is not a thing that begins as I slip from my bed and my feet touch the ground. Neither is it found on my stoop as I exit my front door. Down my path, a winding one at that, I course . . . sometimes stumbling, sometimes falling in the […]

Plowboy Manifesto

PLOWBOY MANIFESTOBy Don Kenton Henry I was born on a farm in northern IndianaI’m a tractor ridin’ white boy way north of TexarkanaFlag and country come first, and this heah dirtDon’t come and tell me how to vote, don’t tell me how to workA fighter always fights, and a runner’s gonna runDon’t come and mess […]