“Buck Wild” Gets His Mojo Back Montage By Don Kenton Henry Donald Kenton Henry Wanderlust. It is a condition most suffer from on occasion. For others, it is a thirst never quenched. I find myself among the latter. From time to time, I assuage that smoldering urge (on the verge of bursting flame) with the […]

The Loom of Life and Raveled Love

by Don Kenton Henry The Loom of Life and Raveled Love by Don Kenton Henry Born into one small seam in the fabric of time and space With no control over entry and little over exit We are either weavers or woven into lives of hapless random chaos . . . or somewhat chosen orchestrated […]


By Don Kenton Henry Hope is not a thing that begins as I slip from my bed and my feet touch the ground. Neither is it found on my stoop as I exit my front door. Down my path, a winding one at that, I course . . . sometimes stumbling, sometimes falling in the […]

Plowboy Manifesto

PLOWBOY MANIFESTOBy Don Kenton Henry I was born on a farm in northern IndianaI’m a tractor ridin’ white boy way north of TexarkanaFlag and country come first, and this heah dirtDon’t come and tell me how to vote, don’t tell me how to workA fighter always fights, and a runner’s gonna runDon’t come and mess […]


By Don Kenton Henry He rode high in the saddle on his seventeen hands tall black stallion, Lincoln, as he came out of the chaparral into the dry gulch. The silver conchos on his hatband bounced the sun’s rays onto the red rock cliffs of the ravine while his eyes remained fixed on the path […]


“I’m a prideful son-of-a-bitch, I’ll admit that. I’ll gladly meet you half way to love you like you’ve never been loved before. . . .  But I’ll be damned if I’ll cross a bridge to kiss your ass.” – The Bard

Advice From “Uncle Waldo On My Front Porch”

“The most defining moments in one’s life are his birth. And his death. In between, what counts the most are not his wins. Or his losses. But the opportunities he took. And the ones he passed on. The girls he kissed. And the ones he wishes he had. May you live it all and regret […]


              By Don Kenton Henry   It is to the soul as the sun is to light It is as steel It is as clay It is as diamonds It is hardened by the fire in the furnace of life As steel, clay, and diamonds are tempered and cured […]


By Don Kenton Henry Often I reflect on a memory I count among the better And feel the fullness of her breasts beneath that cotton sweater I feel the tenderness of her lips The warmth of her breath upon my chest All this then some to come under dim gymnasium lights I recall the sweet […]


By Don Kenton Henry   “Ok, Junior. Take the usual seat here on the porch and let’s parlez about the latest Sabbatical you are about to take.” That’s how it always began with Uncle Waldo . . . him telling me to take a seat. Always direct (most times painfully so) but on this occasion, he […]