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Excerpts From “Diary of A Dumbass”

These consist mostly of what I refer to as “autobiographical fiction”. I refer to it as such in order to provide just enough doubt to protect the guilty. (Which applies mostly to me.) In the case of the innocent, I have changed their names. A few names remain as they were given at birth because, like me, the characters are simply so stupid or incredible I cannot help but give them credit. If that’s you–you know who I’m talking about.

One comment on “Excerpts From “Diary of A Dumbass”

  1. Writing allows my mind to run wild and engage in all the creative, exciting, mischievous―and some would say―occasionally disturbing―ways it ran when I was a youth. To run amok without the negative repercussions. I can return to that youth, unfettered by responsible restraint, whose spirit I so admired, while remaining a mild mannered insurance agent and relatively respected member of my community on the surface.

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