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Like Frost On A Window


By Don Kenton Henry

Your heart is a stone

Cold as one in a hearth whose fire has gone out

Long since

Your eyes have become as dark and frosted as the window in which I sit

In a home as empty as your conscience


Echoed laughter from these walls I try to forget

With them I share only the quiet of regret ―

They have forgotten what I cannot

And I envy all things that have no heart


Better to burn this home of dead dreams ―

Burn my dreams to the foundation

Help erase my world that once seemed

Two true hearts honest unbreakable creation


Help me beautiful dream killer

You of broken promises

You the unfaithful; I of lost faith


Together we can set sins and failures ablaze

And erase all memory of us, the failed

And unworthy benefactors of a love

Like a once white dove

Now charred . . .

And smoldering in ash and dust



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