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They Call Me The Rounder

By Don Kenton Henry

People call me a rounder
They say I’ll never settle down
They say I’m always lookin’ for a new girl
To be showin’ off around this town
But they don’t really know me
And baby, they sure don’t know you

Yeah, this old truck’s been parked in some driveways
And found it’s way home more than a time or two
But it’s not an easy quest lookin’ for the best
The one whose kiss will stop time for you
It’s not easy trying to find the one who says you light up her day
Who is ready and worthy and willing
And means it when she asks you to stay

They look at my heart and see a hard one
Hands that have held more than a few
But they don’t see the scars from lonely nights in dark bars
And the wrong turns took getting to you

They don’t see special days missed
Days I could have been kissed
Days that could have been spent loving you
They have their perfect world; they say give it a whirl
They say you’ll have no regrets if you give in like the rest
Mediocrity’s the way of the world

They think my Life must be lonely and shallow
It must be one filled with regrets
It’s not filled, though there have been a few
But not nearly as many as the days . . . spent looking for you

But they don’t know what this old boy gets
As they go through the motions with false smiles
Thinking I have no notion of their trials
That I don’t know of their test
As they pretend to be perfect, how many are lonely at best
I’m wise to their hypocritical ways as they compare days of surrender
Yes, they’re the pretenders . . . while I honestly looked for you

You ask me to let you take my scarred heart in your hands
You say entrust it; you’re never gonna bust it
There will be no need to ever roam, no need to be alone
This is where we make our stand
You ask me to believe this is where the road ends, not another curve or a hill or a bend
Not another empty promise, not another love built on sand
You ask me to believe
And I do
I’m your man

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