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Short Stories

Welcome to the “Short Stories” portion of my work. This consist of stories I began writing at the age of fifteen. Originally, they were to be part of my autobiography which I thought would be entitled: “Diary of a Dumbass”. At the time, I, and my equally dumbass friends, thought this was quite a profound title for my memoirs. These days, I’m not so certain. Just the same, until I am ready to attempt publication–or hit with an inspiration providing an irresistible alternative–it remains such.

Other short stories you find here will be part of my motorcycle journal, “A Phobia of Walls”. These will consist of my adventures and misadventures riding my Harley around this great country of ours. Additional ones will simply be something which came out of nowhere or are simply words looking for a home. In many cases, I don’t know where that will be until they get there.

I hope you come along and enjoy the ride.

The Bard

One comment on “Short Stories

  1. Your stories make me feel nostalgic for a time and place that I have only experienced through the visual impressions created by your words. I can’t wait to read your book!

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