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Can’t Compete With California

If tears were silver dollars I’d have you to thank for making me a rich man And if hurting me was your objective consider yourself accomplished   But on your way to self-actualizing, I think someday you’ll be realizing you stand to inherit the fortune you gave me Bequeathed for the way you deserted, betrayed […]


Kiss an old friend and be glad that he is Kiss a grandpa and feel those whiskers of his Kiss a baby and taste its innocence   A lover’s kiss is sweet and warm, an expression of caring Not as in kissing a whore Which is merely a means to an end   But if […]

Stan And Me

By Don Kenton Henry   I ner’ been to Europe er met the president But I’ve sat on a warm wooden bridge and tossed pebbles at a crawdad I ner’ owned no car, but I’ve felt the summer sand between my toes as I walked down our lane to fetch the mail Ner’ had no […]


By Don Kenton Henry Yours was the first voice I heard Each breath you took you shared with me, My heart beat but for you You kept your place each time I stumbled, though everything inside you begged, “Pick him up!” But you were there when I took my first steps You counseled me through […]

History Trumps A Royal Flush

HISTORY TRUMPS A ROYAL FLUSH “The best woman I ever had, I won in a card game. Not in New Orleans, Vegas or some other “City of Sin”, but in Dayton, Ohio. My prize was an even less likely result given I had not played poker since the sixth grade.” By Don Kenton Henry The […]