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Stan And Me

By Don Kenton Henry


I ner’ been to Europe er met the president

But I’ve sat on a warm wooden bridge and tossed pebbles at a crawdad

I ner’ owned no car, but I’ve felt the summer sand

between my toes as I walked down our lane to fetch the mail

Ner’ had no fine horses neither, but I got a dawg at ain’t lost a coon yet an a coon at ain’t bit me

Dawg’s name is Stan

He’s a black and tan

Gamest dawg in In-di-an!

Sic ’em, Stan!


Though I ain’t got much learnin, I can fix it if’n it’s broke

My hands is smart!

Thought one time ’bout leavin’ this heah farm an movin’ to the city

I visited there onc’t an saw the big buildins

I saw the folks ‘er too

Don’t need no learnin’ to know they weren’t happy


Guess ‘old Stan and I’ll just stay heah till we die

Gotta be a coon out there we can’t tree

Maybe we’ll find him, Stan and me . . .

If’n the highway don’t get him first




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