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The Loom of Life and Raveled Love

by Don Kenton Henry The Loom of Life and Raveled Love by Don Kenton Henry Born into one small seam in the fabric of time and space With no control over entry and little over exit We are either weavers or woven into lives of hapless random chaos . . . or somewhat chosen orchestrated […]


By Don Kenton Henry Hope is not a thing that begins as I slip from my bed and my feet touch the ground. Neither is it found on my stoop as I exit my front door. Down my path, a winding one at that, I course . . . sometimes stumbling, sometimes falling in the […]


              By Don Kenton Henry   It is to the soul as the sun is to light It is as steel It is as clay It is as diamonds It is hardened by the fire in the furnace of life As steel, clay, and diamonds are tempered and cured […]


By Don Kenton Henry   So you thought you’d seen it and heard it all, my friend And that life ran true without ever a bend That other’s words were sanctified and you trusted without end To every orphan, stray, and stranger you shared your home and heart again and again   You were not […]


By Don Kenton Henry   Woven of your words is a cloak in which you wrap your mind A verbal and written tapestry which serves counsel to your soul and a shelter to your heart What a  beautiful dreaming word weaver are you Stitching thoughts of love, and loss, with rhyme   But there are […]


By Don Kenton Henry   He works in the quite corner of a dank and darkened gym It reeks of the sweat of men of color and the working stiff Alone, it’s just the mirror, the floor and him Gone are the days he was all angle iron and barbed wire on two feet fighting […]

Life’s A Canvas Painted

By Don Kenton Henry   Sun rise or sun set, it’s hard to know which is best A day of honest labor, or one of rest A day begun or day done, like a song to be written or a song sung A spring breeze or a winter’s blast A first love . . . […]

Not A Hallmark Card

By Don Kenton Henry Where does a broken heart go Where are lost loves found Is there a valley or a meadow where cupid’s arrows gone awry lie A place where spring does not spring and in winter’s icy grip the hearts of the heart broken, by heart breakers, are held  bound Where hope like […]

I Am An American Soldier

I AM AN AMERICAN SOLDIER BY DON KENTON HENRY I am and have been on watch eleven score and seventeen years Only my uniform has changed I am the one who twice saved the world I halt quests to exchange your freedom for oppression, the color of your skin for theirs – Your religion for […]

The Time Wolf

THE TIME WOLF By Don Kenton Henry In the late afternoon of life, sunrise seems not so long ago Though the morning dew is long dry upon my shoes, the joys of youth Still shine as the sun’s soft rays upon my denying soul And sweet memories drop in as fresh and comforting as summer […]