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Only One Version

By Don Kenton Henry


There is only one version and you can’t buy it off the shelf

If can be redeeming; It can be utterly cruel

It shines bright when brought into the light

Or it can haunt you in the dark of the night

It’s the currency of the wise and the counterfeit of fools

It need not always be offered but, when, asked for, must always be given


It’s a mirror in which you can’t hide from yourself

It makes for a hard friend to keep but one you can’t afford to lose

Often hard to defend, it’s a path you choose

It can cut like an knife―friends and enemies alike


Fidelity is the heart of the matter

Lies come served on a silver platter

They tarnish the bearer and poison the guest

And the conscience of the first shall know no rest

If a conscience there be


This course could be served in a plain white wrapper or a brown paper bag

But its contents liberate―for better or worse―the good and the bad


So think before you speak, for your conscience’s sake

You can sleep like a lamb or you can lie with snakes

Truth is the friend of which I tell

Evidence of it will be known―or not― in your name

As will the times you stood with honor or the times you fell

In shame


Speak the truth and you’ll never have to remember which story you told

You are writing the story called The Book of Your Life

It will have only one version . . . and you’ve only one soul

Truth will be its author, there will be no rewrites

Let honor be your lantern . . . let its way be your light


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