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By Don Kenton Henry


You were a beauty rare
I was a man with dearth of words
A paucity of poetry I claimed
I cursed my thoughts should go unheard
You, lover of song and mirth ― how could you have cared
For I without a worthy tribute


O what I’d given to have found a way
To tell you what I was feeling
And taken way your breath
To have set your heart to reeling


But no bard was there about
To take to task, for words to lend
So this simple man asked nature’s hand
I took a knee and begged the forest shout
Asked the words come from the land


And they answered


It started with the seeds of life, sprouting in the fertile ground
And soon the rustling of the leaves began to plead my case of love for me
So I stepped back and listened to a sound sent by the sea
It recognized the yearnings of my heart and sent a long and pulling tide


I watched the wind catch and whirl you with a waltz
And the clouds offered a warm summer rain which fell in three quarter time
As a gentle rolling thunder played a whispered bass


The sun appeared and caressed your face as though it were my touch
Then the sky drew a curtain and the moon lit like a distant lantern for you to see more clearly
And a southern breeze whispered in your ear ’twas me who worked their hand
The seeds the leaves the ground the tide the sun and moon the wind the southern breeze the land


And you listened
And you heard


And you took my hand and said what a poet was I to command nature’s greatest gifts ―
For elements that shape mountains earth and stone to heed my beck and answer to my call
And the petals of a million flowers fell like confetti upon us from a rose hued morning sky
And the willows no longer weeping did a curtsy
And lonely darkness said good-bye


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