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The Midnight Farmboy

(Plagiarism―even regarding a title―is not my style. But when life imitates art to this degree . . . Well, hell . . . sometimes you just have to commit the crime.) By Don Kenton Henry The red, white and chrome Continental Trailways bus wound southbound down that ribbon of Highway 59 ensconced in the darkness of […]

Better’n Bread ‘N Butter Pickles

By Don Kenton Henry Nothing but the sound of crickets rose above the corn in the mid-day sun that hot July. I’d shut my tractor down, taken my brown bag and thermos and left the field for the row of trees bordering the Wabash. That river cut right through grandpa’s one hundred twenty acres and […]


By Don Kenton Henry Alas, everyone who ever went as far as the fourth grade is familiar with the work of Mark Twain. And everyone who grew up in small town America can relate at least a little to that of which what he wrote. Twain himself grew up in a small town on a […]


By Don Kenton Henry   You were a beauty rare I was a man with dearth of words A paucity of poetry I claimed I cursed my thoughts should go unheard You, lover of song and mirth ― how could you have cared For I without a worthy tribute   O what I’d given to […]

From Camelot to Kokomo

  From Camelot to Kokomo (November 1963 – November 2013) By Don Kenton Henry Fifty years ago tomorrow I was a student in Miss Fishberg’s fourth grade class in Kokomo, Indiana. I was in the last row, next to the wall, just beneath the school intercom speaker. I sat transfixed on it as it squelched, […]

The Night the Tigers Got Out of Their Cage

The Night the Tigers Got Out of Their Cage “It would have taken a dinosaur to knock down those doors but– unfortunately for ‘The Coach’ … he was line-bred back only to the beginning of the Pleistocene Epoch!” by Don Kenton Henry   It was a crisp “Indian Summer” evening and a full moon hung […]


TRAGEKITTY “A classic case of trag-i-dip-i-ty: the occurrence and development of events by chance with tragic or CATastrophic consequences.” By Don Kenton Henry It is rare two seemingly unrelated incidents in time come together at precisely the same place such that the lives of all involved – or in this case the lives–and–death of one […]

Venus Wore Red Ball Jets

VENUS WORE RED BALL JETS BY DON KENTON HENRY “To say she was the epitome of feminine beauty is as wanting as was my ability to have her.  It was as obvious as she was unattainable.”       No one ever called me “Tiger”, much less mistook me for one, and yet, the “Tig-Arena” was where […]

From Camelot to Kokomo

From Camelot to Kokomo “Fifty years ago this November, the classroom speaker delivered the fateful news to Bucky Beaver and Miss Fishberg’s fourth grade class in Kokomo, Indiana: ‘The President is dead.’”   By Don Kenton Henry We quickly approach the fiftieth anniversary of that fateful day in Dallas when our young and handsome President, […]


“I write in the shadow and spirit of Mark Twain and Bill Shakespeare. My greatest dream and aspiration is that they will laugh with me . . . and not laugh me out of the classroom.” At the age of fifteen, during the process of being given traveling papers by three high schools and attending […]