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Buzzards Beware Before Dining On Me

Fun fact of the day: Just before heading to the gym, I decided to Google the drug, Ketoprofen, the anti-inflammatory my doctor prescribed for me yesterday. Among other details, here is the most interesting thing I learned: Recent studies have found ketoprofen is a veterinary drug causing lethal effects in red-headed vultures. (Not blondes or brunettes. Just red-heads.) These “ginger” Vultures feed on the carcasses of recently treated livestock and suffer acute kidney failure within days of exposure. According to research, the vulture population has undergone a sharp decline on the Indian subcontinent, a 95% decline in 2004 and 99.9% decline as of 2008 due to its use in animals.

Hopefully, it will not have any deleterious effect on that long-legged red head I’ve been dating but . . . it provides me some peace of mind to know that–if I die by the side of the road–any Texas buzzard that feeds on my beautiful arthritic bones is going to be in the same position as me within days. Pay it forward, I say! – DKH




One comment on “Buzzards Beware Before Dining On Me

  1. that is hilarious!!! made me laugh out loud!!

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