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Sun Shower

By Don Kenton Henry   Today I took stock of all for which I paid a fare The drink and music and solitary travel here or there Of time spent pursing things I could not acquire and never shall attain Of years squandered pursing all that’s vain   I thought of material acquisitions victims of […]

The Midnight Farmboy

(Plagiarism―even regarding a title―is not my style. But when life imitates art to this degree . . . Well, hell . . . sometimes you just have to commit the crime.) By Don Kenton Henry The red, white and chrome Continental Trailways bus wound southbound down that ribbon of Highway 59 ensconced in the darkness of […]

Detective Bonham Cartwright’s Albatross

By Don Kenton Henry      His life had always been about structure. It is what made Bonham Cartwright so successful in academics, graduating at the top of his class in the undergraduate Criminal Justice program at Texas A&M, then with honors from Boston University with a Masters in Biomedical Forensic Science. And structure was what […]

Buzzards Beware Before Dining On Me

Fun fact of the day: Just before heading to the gym, I decided to Google the drug, Ketoprofen, the anti-inflammatory my doctor prescribed for me yesterday. Among other details, here is the most interesting thing I learned: Recent studies have found ketoprofen is a veterinary drug causing lethal effects in red-headed vultures. (Not blondes or […]

The Truth About Being A Daughter

(This is my father’s day gift from my daughter, Jessie Remington Henry. I sat in a hotel restaurant yesterday crying in my eggs as I read this on my smartphone . . . more than a thousand long miles from her. If you read it, perhaps it will make you feel better about the resilience […]