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From Camelot to Kokomo

  From Camelot to Kokomo (November 1963 – November 2013) By Don Kenton Henry Fifty years ago tomorrow I was a student in Miss Fishberg’s fourth grade class in Kokomo, Indiana. I was in the last row, next to the wall, just beneath the school intercom speaker. I sat transfixed on it as it squelched, […]

I Am An American Soldier

I AM AN AMERICAN SOLDIER BY DON KENTON HENRY I am and have been on watch eleven score and seventeen years Only my uniform has changed I am the one who twice saved the world I halt quests to exchange your freedom for oppression, the color of your skin for theirs – Your religion for […]

Buzzards Beware Before Dining On Me

Fun fact of the day: Just before heading to the gym, I decided to Google the drug, Ketoprofen, the anti-inflammatory my doctor prescribed for me yesterday. Among other details, here is the most interesting thing I learned: Recent studies have found ketoprofen is a veterinary drug causing lethal effects in red-headed vultures. (Not blondes or […]