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Trap Door To The Booby Hatch: Part I – From the Medical Archives of Don Kenton Henry . . .


I was digging through an old footlocker I have carted around since a stint in military school my junior year of high school when I came across my scrap book from those prep school days. In it I found an copy of myself making the cover of Psychology Today. Seems I’m published after all. Well . . . in a dubious sort of way. The article documents another stint (or side trip) I took on the way to this life style of the rich and famous I now lead. Regardless, I thought it would make a good cover photo for my coming third installment of “Trap Door To The Booby Hatch”. What a’ ya think?
Y’all thought I made this stuff up, didn’t ya? (Well – some of ya anyway!)

The Man Behind the Curtain

Don Kenton Henry

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