Autobiographical Fiction

Every Summer Was A Circus

BY DON KENTON HENRY        I grew up in the most magical of places a boy could hope to. A place where every summer day was a circus. And when I was not watching in wondrous amazement . . . I was performing. The place was Peru, Indiana and my home at 333 Sycamore […]

Trap Door To The Booby Hatch: Part III

By Don Kenton Henry In Part II, we left off with: {“Your mother did sign commitment papers but, initially, only for observation. You presented acute psychiatric symptoms warranting emergency hospitalization in our Extended Observation Unit. The next 72 hours will be a period of stabilization and evaluation. At the end of that time, if our […]

Uncle Waldo And The Nuclear Turkey

By Don Kenton Henry UNCLE WALDO AND THE NUCLEAR TURKEY “And how did you all come to be covered in wild rice–and say–is that an oyster in your hair, Mrs. Henry?” asked Officer Dawalt. Mom ran her fingers through her hair, removed the article and inspected it. “No … that’s a giblet.” All Thanksgivings are […]

Princess Xanax And The Ride To Kalispell . . . (the road goes on)

By Don Kenton Henry (From A Phobia of Walls)      “Throw your leg over, Princess Xanax and get on this steel horse behind me. I promise by the time we hit the Bitterroot Range–three days from here–you’ll throw all those pills–in that thing you call a purse–in the Flathead River and never look back. Let the trout […]

The Day Jack Benny Died

THE DAY JACK BENNY DIED By Don Kenton Henry “Who would have thought a tale of star crossed love which began with the death of a celebrity … would reach its near conclusion with his own.” The hearse made its way onto the gravel road and into Weston Cemetery. I followed in the first car […]

Trap Door To The Booby Hatch: Part I – From the Medical Archives of Don Kenton Henry . . .

I was digging through an old footlocker I have carted around since a stint in military school my junior year of high school when I came across my scrap book from those prep school days. In it I found an copy of myself making the cover of Psychology Today. Seems I’m published after all. Well . […]

Trap Door to the Booby Hatch: Part II

TRAP DOOR TO THE BOOBY HATCH Part II By Don Kenton Henry Dr. Petrosky reached under his desk and a buzzer sounded in the hallway outside the door. Almost simultaneously, the door opened. A very large man, no–that’s not true. It was a cave bear–in a white lab coat–that entered the room! I am not […]


TRAGEKITTY “A classic case of trag-i-dip-i-ty: the occurrence and development of events by chance with tragic or CATastrophic consequences.” By Don Kenton Henry It is rare two seemingly unrelated incidents in time come together at precisely the same place such that the lives of all involved – or in this case the lives–and–death of one […]

A Midsummer’s Wet Dream

A MIDSUMMER’S WET DREAM By Don Kenton Henry Herman Raucher said, “In everyone’s life there is a summer of ’42”. Mine came twenty-seven years later in 1969. I cannot say without a doubt she was the most beautiful girl in the world. There may have been somewhere a girl with form as shapely; with hair […]

Venus Wore Red Ball Jets

VENUS WORE RED BALL JETS BY DON KENTON HENRY “To say she was the epitome of feminine beauty is as wanting as was my ability to have her.  It was as obvious as she was unattainable.”       No one ever called me “Tiger”, much less mistook me for one, and yet, the “Tig-Arena” was where […]