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As I say in the accompanying video, I have been writing since I was fifteen years of age. (Except for the thirty years I took a break.) The last seven years, I have been a member of a writer’s club here in my home, The Woodlands, Texas. Our work is often read by the leader of the group, or another, member but they tell me they enjoy it more when I read my own. I suppose that is because I, more than anyone, know the feelings I am trying to convey. Outside my club, only a select person or two has heard me read my work.

This is the first in what will be a series of recitations of my poems, short stories and flash fiction. I hope you will listen and enjoy them. I also hope, with time, I will become better at reading on camera. If nothing else these will be a legacy for my grandchildren to come and allow them a look into who I was and the matters of my heart.

Thank you for listening and following . . .

The Bard


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