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Captured By A Classics Comic Book

By Don Kenton Henry


Upon first glance, she strikes you like the page of a book

She’ll never mean too much until you take a close look

Just black letters on a small white sheet

Nothing pleasing to the eye, nothing special to meet

But read her like a speed reader and examine the whole

You can’t focus on one word and expect the story to know


If there’s no worth in her that you can see

Perhaps you’re reading her in English, and she’s really Chinese



Don’t hold that page upside down

Read her from the right perspective

The page will suddenly make sense when you turn her around


So many “Plain Janes” that I never discovered

Just passed them on the shelf and chose a fancier cover





One comment on “Captured By A Classics Comic Book

  1. This is one of my personal favorites. Even at the relatively young age of 20 or 21, I realized that real beauty in a person is a combination of qualities. I realized intelligence is very sexy and seductive!

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