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By Don Kenton Henry


The Lady’s served her children well

She’s known joy and she’s known hell

She’s lost more than just one son and daughter too

She’s been through tragedy and triumph

Ever watchful and reliant

And she does it all for me and you


A shining beacon across the seas leading those yearning to be free

With hopes of dignity and safety; a chance to make a better life

Where a person is judged by deed – not their color or their creed

To pursue happiness and liberty without strife


But it’s easy to throw stones, cast bullets and throw bombs

At one who helps those who might be different

And none are quite so vulnerable as those who stand tall above the crowd, shouting liberty out loud

And dare give everyone a place at a table set for all

See Freedom cannot be when it’s meant for just you and me

It has to be for brothers and sisters weak and small – as well as strong and able

Let our differences not be a threat – this is the lady’s test

To keep us all together as a whole

So step forward, help her hold that torch, feed her heart, water her soul

Teach your young to drench the roots of freedom


But please bring something to her table; give whatever you are able

Let her know that you are grateful to live the life you choose

And realize the tide of freedom ebbs if that arm drops by her side

Then all you take for granted . . . we will lose


Take a stand – don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Don’t let us lose the right to speak, protect our families, take a knee or choose our leaders

It’s been a glorious ride . . . though of late she’s been mistreated

She can only be defeated from within

And you cannot keep her by replacing things which made her great

With things from which so many died and so many did escape

Cast your lot with Lady Liberty, ring her bell, water her tree

Lock hands and stand with me, keep her safe as she has we

Stand tall with our Lady Liberty






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