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Not A Hallmark Card


By Don Kenton Henry

Where does a broken heart go

Where are lost loves found

Is there a valley or a meadow where cupid’s arrows gone awry lie

A place where spring does not spring and in winter’s icy grip the hearts of the heart broken, by heart breakers, are held  bound

Where hope like a dove has flown and, with dreams, has gone to die

Where are there lips for lips longing to be kissed

Where are there lovers for lovers longing to be missed

Where are there caresses for soft hair . . .

And words of passionate tenderness to fill what was once but empty air

Perhaps you don’t remember but you pulled me from that place

You  rescued me from the wreckage of star-crossed relationships as though you were the jaws of life’s good grace

Took me from a head-on collision at the intersection of failed expectations;  lay me down and picked the shards of shattered glass from my heart and broken soul

You fixed and patched what lesser loves and unmeant, unkept promises left tattered and stripped bare

Breathed life into a life with nothing left to share, nowhere else to go

And there is no Hallmark card for this

No canned script penned with some mercenary muse’s pen for some faceless lover

That he or she will never see

A rhyme paid for with a corporate dime

No, not I

I am not some poet for hire

This ain’t no Candy-Assed Bouquet

No call to 1-800-DIALACLICHE

And no Berry Romantic Berries for which the unimaginative will pay

No giant Vermont Teddy Bear you’d never buy

But I had ya goin’ for a minute didn’t I! 


I am the one you found in the dim light of a smoky honky tonk

You gave me a wink–our Shiner Bachs clinked–and you taught me how to rodeo in the bed of my jacked up dual cab Silverado

No . . . I ain’t no Hallmark Union hack

I’m your Cowboy Bard in a 20x hat

This ain’t no Hallmark card;  I’m through with this prattle

And this poet warrior’s now out of words, except to say,

“Broken hearts have to get back in the saddle”

And–oh yeah–by the way . . .

“Happy, happy, baby  . . . Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day!”


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