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By Don Kenton Henry   “Ok, Junior. Take the usual seat here on the porch and let’s parlez about the latest Sabbatical you are about to take.” That’s how it always began with Uncle Waldo . . . him telling me to take a seat. Always direct (most times painfully so) but on this occasion, he […]


By Don Kenton Henry      Now I’m not saying he was fat, but in a day before “morbidly obese became the new slim” … Well … let’s just say “Woody” was chubby. We could also say he never met a piece of apple pie―or any kind of pie for that matter―he didn’t like. And he […]

Of Tattoos, Bazooka Gum and Lessons Learned

By Don Kenton Henry Thank you all for your participation. You (at least some) unwittingly participated in a social experiment of the type recently perpetrated on all of us by this very entity to which we subscribe. I.e., Facebook. In case you were not informed, Facebook recently published posts on our pages intentionally designed to […]

The Day Jack Benny Died

THE DAY JACK BENNY DIED By Don Kenton Henry “Who would have thought a tale of star crossed love which began with the death of a celebrity … would reach its near conclusion with his own.” The hearse made its way onto the gravel road and into Weston Cemetery. I followed in the first car […]

Another Campground Tale

by Don Kenton Henry Herein lies another short story. This one is an excerpt from “The Day Jack Benny Died.” It is told through the eyes of my yet-to-be-born grandson on the occasion of and the events preceding my funeral. ANOTHER CAMPGROUND TALE Who would have thought we’d be burying that man a week later. […]