Plowboy Manifesto Live

By Don Kenton Henry 23 May 2023 Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of this country. They feed America and much of the world. The family farm is the heart of American agriculture but in these days of corporations and foreign interests buying our land and squeezing families out, the last thing the farmer and […]

The Face and Hominization of Artificial Intelligence

Self-Portrait of AI By Don Kenton Henry, author, editor 25 April 2023 The more I study, test, and observe Artificial Intelligence (AI), the more fascinated I am. I find it simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying. I feel the first because I am overcome with the feeling of its limitless potential to bring information and creativity to […]

Mourn Not The Dead

MOURN NOT THE DEAD (REMEMBERING D-DAY) By Don Kenton Henry Seventy years after D-Day, I sit in the security of my suburban home surrounded by neighbors and residents going about their lives in a state of blissful disregard for the price paid in over 10,000 casualties, which included 4,400 Allied fatalities (2,500 American) on those […]