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By Don Kenton Henry Yours was the first voice I heard Each breath you took you shared with me, My heart beat but for you You kept your place each time I stumbled, though everything inside you begged, “Pick him up!” But you were there when I took my first steps You counseled me through […]

A Midsummer’s Wet Dream

A MIDSUMMER’S WET DREAM By Don Kenton Henry Herman Raucher said, “In everyone’s life there is a summer of ’42”. Mine came twenty-seven years later in 1969. I cannot say without a doubt she was the most beautiful girl in the world. There may have been somewhere a girl with form as shapely; with hair […]

Venus Wore Red Ball Jets

VENUS WORE RED BALL JETS BY DON KENTON HENRY “To say she was the epitome of feminine beauty is as wanting as was my ability to have her.  It was as obvious as she was unattainable.”       No one ever called me “Tiger”, much less mistook me for one, and yet, the “Tig-Arena” was where […]