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By Don Kenton Henry   There is a great black cloud which fills the void between the prairie to the sky It blocks the sun and breathes and, as it does, exhales a wind from the soot and sulfur filled lungs of the dark side It rolls onward and before it comes a pale horseman […]

The Day Jack Benny Died

THE DAY JACK BENNY DIED By Don Kenton Henry “Who would have thought a tale of star crossed love which began with the death of a celebrity … would reach its near conclusion with his own.” The hearse made its way onto the gravel road and into Weston Cemetery. I followed in the first car […]

Another Campground Tale

by Don Kenton Henry Herein lies another short story. This one is an excerpt from “The Day Jack Benny Died.” It is told through the eyes of my yet-to-be-born grandson on the occasion of and the events preceding my funeral. ANOTHER CAMPGROUND TALE Who would have thought we’d be burying that man a week later. […]


“I write in the shadow and spirit of Mark Twain and Bill Shakespeare. My greatest dream and aspiration is that they will laugh with me . . . and not laugh me out of the classroom.” At the age of fifteen, during the process of being given traveling papers by three high schools and attending […]