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By Don Kenton Henry   Woven of your words is a cloak in which you wrap your mind A verbal and written tapestry which serves counsel to your soul and a shelter to your heart What a  beautiful dreaming word weaver are you Stitching thoughts of love, and loss, with rhyme   But there are […]

Story Time With Bard Of The Woods, Recitation #2

Good evening. This is recitation #2 of Story Time With The Bard Of The Woods. You may find most of my work here at the Bardofthewoods.com and―if you don’t follow me already―I hope you will. Tonight I am going to catch you up by reciting the last 3 poems I have written, starting with the […]


By Don Kenton Henry   There is a great black cloud which fills the void between the prairie to the sky It blocks the sun and breathes and, as it does, exhales a wind from the soot and sulfur filled lungs of the dark side It rolls onward and before it comes a pale horseman […]


By Don Kenton Henry He works in the quiet corner of a dank and darkened gym It reeks of the sweat of men of color and the working stiff Alone, it’s just the mirror, the floor, and him Gone are the days he was all angle iron and barbed wire on two feet fighting for […]

The Sound Of A Heart Breaking

By Don Kenton Henry What sound does a heart make when it breaks Is it as quiet as the breath that now you cannot take Or . . . as the goodbye you never heard   Is it the sound of the fluttering broken wing of a bird as it struggles in vain to fly […]


As I say in the accompanying video, I have been writing since I was fifteen years of age. (Except for the thirty years I took a break.) The last seven years, I have been a member of a writer’s club here in my home, The Woodlands, Texas. Our work is often read by the leader […]

Captured By A Classics Comic Book

By Don Kenton Henry Upon first glance, she strikes you like the page of a book She’ll never mean too much until you take a close look Just black letters on a small white sheet Nothing pleasing to the eye, nothing special to meet But read her like a speed reader and examine the whole […]


Focus the microscope a little closer, please I’ve never observed a species such as these Their method of consumption is quite crude Their reproductive system . . . rather rude   Inefficient and unsuccessful despite its simplicity Attribute this to self–destructive tendencies   A succession of splitting cells and self―replicating DNA Mitosis, Meiosis, Prophase and […]


May the sorrows of your mother, sevenfold on you, her bastard son, be bestowed   Raped by a rabid dog on a moonlit night Upon discovering reality with the morning light . . . Your mother lived―the poor dog died of fright *********************************************** *********************************************** https://bardofthewoods.com

Can’t Compete With California

If tears were silver dollars I’d have you to thank for making me a rich man And if hurting me was your objective consider yourself accomplished   But on your way to self-actualizing, I think someday you’ll be realizing you stand to inherit the fortune you gave me Bequeathed for the way you deserted, betrayed […]